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30mg Concentration is a game changer for FIP treatment – BASMI FIP™

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

BASMI FIP™ was the first company to bring 17mg/ml concentration, then 20mg/ml to change the FIP treatment industry. 20mg, in particular, has become the industry standard that many brands now offer. In the latest development, Cure FIP™ has created the NEW 30mg/ml Concentration, again an industry first, to further reduce injection site injuries and pain.

Why is higher concentration beneficial?

GS-441524, in injectable form, is a highly acidic solution. The solution is usually manufactured at 1.6~1.9 pH so GS-441524 in powder form is evenly dissolved and dispersed in the liquid form for injections. Due to the acidity many cats experience pain and skin irritations toward later part of the FIP treatment. In a small number of cases the pain and skin injuries can be so severe that injections become almost impossible to perform. Cats scream and claw at their care provider when they see the sight of needles and syringes.

FIP Injection severe skin reaction

FIP injection skin injury

While these injuries are not life threatening, they are extremely painful to cats and make injections difficult for caregivers to perform. 30mg/ml concentration reduces the injection amount by 33% when compared to 20mg/ml concentration. Lower injection amount significantly reduce injuries as pictured above. Higher concentration becomes extremely beneficial for cats weighing 4kg or above, because they require high dosages of GS-441524 daily.

Even today, 15th of July 2022, BASMI FIP™ is still the only company that offer 30mg/ml concentration. Because of this exclusivity, resellers from other brands attempt to discredit this innovation by spreading rumours (without evidence) that 30mg is poor quality or is not really 30mg, to steer customers away from a superior product that they can’t offer.

It is not the first time competitors tried to attack our brand. It doesn't faze us. We will continue to lead the FIP treatment industry through innovation, superior products and better customers experience. Do not let manipulation scare you into making ill-informed decisions. Ask for evidence and avoid people who use negative emotional tactics to win.

We hope this article is informative to you. The new 30mg/ml concentration is a great innovation that reduces pain and skin injuries, making injections more pleasant for cats and easier for their caregivers. We, at BASMI FIP™, will continue to improve FIP treatment experience and success rate.

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