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Things to know in the treatment of FIP ​

  1. Foods that should be given to cats during treatment
    Cooked fish, chicken and other fresh food If your cat has diarrhea, switch to the kibble for a few days until the diarrhea clears.


  2. duration of treatment
    The recommended duration of treatment is 12 weeks (84 days). However, the duration of treatment for each case is different, it may be longer depending on various factors such as The cat's response, the stage of infection from FIP, the expenditure budget, etc.


  3. Can GS-441524 be used with other medicines?
    GS-441524 can be combined with other tonics and supplements to enhance the treatment of cats. However, we do not recommend using L-Lysine with GS-441524.  


  4. Can Interferon be used to treat FIP?
    Interferon is an immunosuppressant. It can reduce the symptoms of FIP by reducing the cat's response to FIP virus infection. However, it does not eliminate the FIP virus, it makes the cat's body unresponsive to the virus. Therefore, Interferon can be used to reduce pain. But Interferon alone cannot be used to treat FIP.


  5. Additional Must-knows?
    As your cat recovers, his appetite will return to normal and his weight will increase accordingly. Consult closely with your veterinarian. To weigh your cat once a week and adjust the dosage. and to deal with potential complications such as liver and kidney damage and infections.



  1. GS-441524 volume in each vial?
    Each vial contains ≥7ml of GS-441524.


  2. Why are there 3 concentrations?
    Higher concentrations are best suited for heavier cats, reducing the amount medicine needed per injection.


  3. How many injections and how many times?
    Inject 1 time per day for up to 12 weeks. Dosage depends on the weight of your cat. Use our dosage calculator to determine the appropriate dosage for your cat.


  4. How is the daily injection volume calculated?
    Please use our dosage calculator to determine the right amount of injection per day based on your cat's body weight and symptoms.


  5. How is the injection done?
    The injection method is subcutaneous injection. You can see how to inject in this video. ​​


  6. Storage method
    If stored at temperatures below 40°c, it will last for up to 1 year. Keep away from sunlight.



Oral Capsules

1. When can I start taking capsule pills?
For best treatment results start using oral capsules after 30 days of GS-441524 injections. Your cat's condition should be stable, exhibiting normal eating and pooping patterns, and has no symptoms of Neurological or Ocular FIP.
2.  Conditions when oral capsules should not be taken?
Do not use if your cat has FIP where the virus has entered the eyes or nervous system.
Do not use if your cat has continued vomiting, diarrhea, or fever.

Do not use when your cat is less than 1 year old and still has liquid in the stomach (for the wet form).

3. Method for choosing the drug according to the type and weight

  • Weight 0 - 2.49 kg. Choose pink.

  • Weight 2.5 - 3.99 kg. Choose green.

  • Weight 4 kg or more opt for blue.

 4. The capsules should be taken daily?
The optimal daily dosage is 1 capsule at the same time every day. Continue until 84 days after injection, or until your cat fully recovers.  A full blood test should be completed every 30 days to monitor your cat's recovery process.  Your veterinarian or we can advise you on when to stop the treatment program.

5. What if my cat gained weight?
In this case, it is recommended to purchase the appropriate drug for the most effective treatment.
6. How many days can 1 bottle of oral capsules be used for?
One bottle contains 14 capsules, which can be used for 14 days (1 capsule per day).
7. What should I do if my symptoms get worse after starting the capsule pill? Can the drug be increased from 1 to 2 capsules?
The reason why the cat's condition worsens is because the cat's absorption and/or excretion system is not yet healthy. You may increase from 1 to 2 capsules per day. However, the best course of action is use injections until your cat recovers further.
8. How do I know the amount of GS-441524 a cat will receive? 

Each cat has different absorption abilities depending on their health, their age, their breed, and many genetic and environmental factors. To be able to find out how much your cat is absorbing from the oral capsules, you will need to perform a HPLC, which is very complicated and expensive.

9. Between injectable and capsule formulations which one is better
Both pills have the same potency. and the purpose of treatment is the same cure FIP. The deciding factor for which is better depends on your cat's condition. In general we recommend starting every FIP treatment with injections for at least 30 days. You may consider switching to oral capsules one your cat's physical condition has stabilised and FIP symptoms are improving. 


For example, a cat who had been using injections for 30 days and started to resist injections is an ideal candidate to switch to oral capsules. 

10. Can I move back to injectable medications?
It can be done, but the dosage must be started from 10mg/kg as the amount of GS-441524 in the capsule is more.
11. If the cat has a relapse after the treatment is over, can it be used in capsule form?
We do not recommend the use of oral medication in cats with a relapse of FIP. We recommend starting with injections at 12-15mg/kg.  Please a blood test on the 30th day, if the cat need further treatment, then start taking oral medication.
12. What are the side effects of taking oral medication?
From the latest research, the oral medication has no known side effects. It can be used together with antibiotics anti-inflammatory medications.  

13. Is it necessary to provide the oral capsules at the same time everyday?
For best treatment results, oral capsules should be taken at the same time every day, or  within 1.5 hours difference between each day. For example, If your cat had taken the FIP oral capsule at 6 pm the previous evening, it should again take the oral capsule between 4:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m today.

14. Can I request a refund of the remaining medicine?
We can only accept refunds for unopened bottles.


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