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Basmi FIP™ Relapse Guarantee

Approximately 3% of cats treated with Basmi FIP antiviral GS-441524 experience relapse within 12 months after completing the treatment. It is our policy to help cat owners if FIP relapse occurs.


1. For cats treated from start to finish with Basmi FIP (complete in at least 84 days).

For cats who have completed at least 84 days of Basmi FIP treatment and have relapsed within 12 months, we offer a 50% discount on resumption of treatment. for a discount You need to show the following information.

  1. start and end date of treatment

  2. The results of the last blood test before cessation of the injection.

Treatment guidelines for exacerbations range from 2-12 weeks depending on the cat's exacerbation.


2. For cats treated with Basmi FIP only, discontinue the injection before 84 days.

There have been many cases of cats whose condition and blood results improved before 84 days, and we respect the decision of the cat owner and the feline veterinarian. To discontinue the injection before 84 days. In the event that a cat relapses within 6 months of discontinuation of the injection, we offer a 50% discount on starting treatment.

for this discount You must provide the following information:

  1. The last blood test that indicates Healthy cats ready to stop vaccinating

  2. No surgery, anesthesia, sterilization, or vaccinations were not performed during the treatment.  


3. For cats who discontinued treatment prior to 84 days and did not undergo pre-infusion blood testing.

We are ready to give advice for new treatment approaches. The duration and course of treatment will depend on the symptoms of exacerbation. It may last from 2-12 weeks or more. In which we cannot provide any assistance or discounts. This is because a blood test for termination of the injection is very important for affirming treatment results and making decisions.


4. For cats treated with Basmi FIP and other brands

Unless it is necessary, we do not recommend the same treatment as other brands of medication. If your cat has a relapse, you can contact them for advice on treatment. In which case we are unable to provide assistance for any discounts either.

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