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You have 90 calendar days from the original date of purchase to return any unopened or unused item.  The products you receive should to be properly stored in a dry and cool place away from sunlight.  The product must be in the original packaging or box without alteration.


We will check the condition of the returned item with 48 hours, and will notify you via email of the refund status after the inspection is complete.


If your return are in the original resellable condition, we will issue you a  refund back to your original payment method.   Visa or Master Card payments are subject to a 3% deduction from the total payment amount.  3% payment processing fee is non-recoverable, and is charged by the payment gateway company, not by Basmi FIP™.

The cost of returning the item is your responsibility.  You may select the courier that best ensure that items arrive safely back to our warehouse.  Please send us shipment tracking information so we may timely complete the refund of your items.   We will charge 350 THB to cover the cost of shipping to you, packing labor and material costs, and warehouse picking costs.  We do not accept opened vials or packages for refund claims.

Please contact us if you have questions about how to return items you have purchased. We are happy to answer your questions.



Refund process generally take approximately a few days if we didn't ship out your order or a few weeks depending on how quickly your return the order back to us.  Once the order is shipped from our warehouse, we can only provide you the refund after you have returned your order to us.  If you choose to not follow our refund protocol, and choose to dispute your payment with PayPal, the credit company, your bank or any other payment services, we will not refund your payment if we win the dispute.  It takes a lot manpower and hours to answer a payment dispute case. We would rather use that time help other cat owners save their cats.  Your payment to us will be used toward paying for the fees of answering your dispute case.

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