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GS-441524 vs. Molnupiravir: A Comparative Comparison of FIP Treatment Options

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP) is a challenging and often fatal disease in cats. In recent times, two antiviral drugs, GS-441524 and Molnupiravir, have emerged as accepted treatments for FIP, offering veterinarians tools to combat FIP. These antiviral drugs differ in mechanisms combating FIP. Understanding their distinct characteristics will help you make informed treatment decisions. This article provides a comprehensive comparison between these two treatment options with focus on their various aspects.

GS-441524 vs. Molnupiravir
GS-441524 vs. Molnupiravir

GS-441524 vs. Molnupiravir



​Treatment Method

​Stops FIP virus replication

​Stops FIP virus replication

​Type Of Administration

​Oral & Injections


​Success Rate



​Suitable For

​All stages of FIP

​ Early stage ONLY


​No reported side effect or complications

​At high doses may cause Liver damages.


​1 injection or pill per day

​2x per day


​Recovery begins within 1 week.

​Recovery begins within 2-3 weeks.

​Relapse rate


​Not Clear

(No Clinical Study)


​More expensive


Both GS-441524 and Molnupiravir offer FIP treatment success. However, GS-441524 is a superior solution to Molnupiravir, showing a significantly higher success rate, faster recovery rate, and an established treatment approach. Molnupiravir presents a more economical alternative to GS-441524, albeit with significantly lower treatment success and limited application - GS-441524 vs. Molnupiravir.

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